As soon as I met Paul and Anna I knew they had something special to offer us as agents. Having worked in Real Estate myself, I saw energy in them I’d never seen before in the industry.
We were in a situation where we had no choice but to sell and Paul and Anna had a warm, comforting perspective in an overwhelming time. I’d come home and Paul would be weeding the garden for us, getting to know the neighbours, helping us get quotes for things as we juggled our five children and workloads. They didn’t just offer us this, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve contacted them for advice or support in the lead up to our sale and they’d be at another clients home helping flood proof it, or painting or taking care of their animals.

Paul and Anna are a charismatic and enigmatic force to be reckoned with. Their visions and gifts and no game playing mean results and quick!

In the short time our property was for sale, we went to a bunch of open homes only to be met with lacklustre agents that left me knowing we had made the right choice having Paul and Anna selling our home. We’ve since listed and sold our second home with them and I have no interest in dealing with another agent again. Sorry guys you’re stuck with us for life!

Do yourself a favour and go with Pennywood Lane.

Karleigh Fox