We believe in the science of selling and what we do is a form of art.

We are agile; constantly fine tuning, adjusting and adapting our methodology to the changes we experience in the market place.

Our process is multi-dimensional and proven to achieve results.


A key element in every marketing campaign. We work hard to present our properties in their brightest light. When you list your property with Penny Wood Lane we conduct a comprehensive presentation consultation to work on areas that can be improved to add value. Selling is about psychology and if you think otherwise, you are mistaken. First impressions are everything. As an example, it is a common misconception that it is a good idea to have cookies baking in the oven at an open home. Research from open homes proves otherwise and suggests that if the buyers are hungry, they are more inclined to leave quickly if their hunger is triggered. Point of the story… think twice before baking for a viewing, a well presented home will do.


It is the process, not the “price promise” that gets top dollar in a marketing campaign. One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is choosing an agent that says they will get the highest price but don’t back up their words with actions and process. Buyers are highly educated and have access to more information now than they ever have had. We heavily process our listings to identify the premium buyers who are emotionally connected to the property. This can take time and we have dispelled myths such as, “the first offer is the best offer”. This is industry talk and we can show you multiple examples of how the 4th and 5th offers have resulted in the best price. Time and time again!


Our properties receive very high volumes of enquiries but only one person will eventually be “the buyer”. So unless enquiries are converted, they are nothing more than an email or a phone call. We aim to engage our customers through the use of cutting edge technology such as 3D Virtual Reality, HD video, Infrared floor plans and world class photography. We control all of this in house to ensure the quality and do not outsource. Real estate buyers are 95% more likely to engage in a property that has 3D and user friendly floor plans and if you are not using these mediums, you are less likely to be noticed. Fact – Queensland real estate buyers are spending less time searching for properties and are searching more often than ever before. You have a very limited window of opportunity to attract their attention and we know how it all works. That’s one reason you should speak with us about marketing!


We are experienced, seasoned negotiators that have worked in rising and declining markets. We work with the best agents and trainers in Australia and the world; Fredrik Eklund, James Tostevin, Matt Steinweid and Tom Panos to name a few. Success leaves clues and we are continuously learning from the best. We don’t “wing it” when it comes to negotiations as this is where we add the greatest value. Our sellers want the best price and they choose us as they believe we will increase the likelihood of helping them achieve that. We are not ashamed to say that we are highly competitive and train to improve our skills in this area regularly. We stay sharp!

Market knowledge

We are locals, born and bred. We live here and take pride in knowing more than our competitors about the cycles, trends and statistics impacting the market. We have also worked outside of Mackay in the highly competitive Brisbane Inner City market. Many agencies are reactive to external influences and find themselves in a position by default. We design our path and constantly plan in advance. We are often planning property transactions up to 18 months in advance. We don’t have a crystal ball, but the Mackay property market has been correcting for some time now and we can see in advance what is happening before it happens. We don’t rush things through and we do not cut corners. When you cut corners you end up going around in circles.

Market presence

We invest heavily in technology and have created a unique personal interface to deliver high tech to the market. We also know that the simple basics are important and some things cannot be replaced with a smart phone app. Our agents are youthful, motivated and driven. We have high energy and we can help shift yours. Our Wood Street office is modern, clean and well positioned. We have high volumes of street traffic and we know that our properties get noticed.

Market Feedback

We promise to deliver accurate and informative feedback to our sellers to assist with their decision making. We collect large amounts of data in order to be in a position to offer the best advice. Our sellers are highly educated around price and process before we put a sign in the front yard. They know what to expect and when to expect it because we advise them accordingly. Our list to sell ratio is high. This year (2016) we have 100% strike rate with houses that we list for sale. That is not a fluke!